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Bamboo Pen

Bamboo Pen is an ergonomically designed device meant to work with a computer. The device can easily be attached to a computer system through a standard USB port. It’s a quality digital pen that can help you work as if you’re using the ordinary ink pen.
A quality Bamboo Pen comes as a package with the following features:
• Bamboo Pen Tablet
• The Pen itself
• Quick start Guide for easy operation
• An Installation CD
• Software DVD containing Corel Painter Essentials 4

How the Pen Works
To get a bamboo pen in top gear, you have to connect it to a computer for installation. The installation CD it comes with has all the necessary software drivers needed to run the installation. All you need is to connect the device to your computer through the standard USB port and then insert the installation CD. The next step to take is to follow the onscreen instructions and then allow the installation to complete. In most cases, the Installation CD also comes with interactive tutorial and a detailed user’s guide. This helps the user to learn more about the device.
System Requirements for Installing the Device
To use a bamboo pen, your computer system must meet the required standard. The device runs on systems with Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP with service pack 2. It can also run on Mac OS X version 10.4.8 or above. The system must have necessary configurations such as 256 Ram or above, Hard disk space of at least 10MB, powered USB port, perfect color display and nice CD/DVD drive.

The Pros of the Bamboo Pen
There are lots of benefits that come with bamboo pen. The device offers you all you need to enjoy the input of a digital pen. You can easily use the pen to edit documents. You can also mark up documents to collaborate with one another using the device. The device can also help you to sketch and personalize documents.
With the Corel Painter Essential software that comes with the device, you can easily create wonderful digital works of art using it. With the device, you can enjoy writing with digital ink. You can also use it to sketch and explore creative ideas running through your head.
Bamboo pen is very efficient as it runs perfectly well in most computer systems. You can use it in combination with your computer keyboard. The device is pressure sensitive. This helps you to control the darkness and thickness of lines when you use it to write. It also has programmable switches or buttons which help you to carry out virtual tasks. You can launch vital applications while working with the device.
Simply put, the Bamboo pen is very easy to use. There are unique brands of the device to choose from. Wacom bamboo pen is one of the best brands that are causing waves online. You can always purchase the device through various portals on the internet. It’s indeed a wonderful device that can enhance your creativity as you use it on your computer system.