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Bamboo Pen + Touch pressure sensitivity problem!?

I got Wacom Bamboo pen and touch for Christmas and I installed everything! It worked fine for a few days and then my pen pressure went out. No matter what brush I use it just comes out a thin line. I changed the nib and it still doesn’t work! Help??!

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4 Responses to “Bamboo Pen + Touch pressure sensitivity problem!?”

  1. Featherstar Featherclan says:

    Try to re-install the software

  2. Em! says:

    Uninstall the software, then reinstall it (and run the software first THEN plug in the tablet). That was probably your original problem. Hope it helps! (:

  3. Jeremiah Anonymous says:

    This happened to me, so don’t freak out..

    The nib does nothing much.
    The nib is just a “pointer” that touches pressure censors within the pen. Taking it out, when it was perfect was pointless.

    What I did was,
    -reinstall it, then restart my computer. Before turning the computer back on, plug it in.
    And it also depends what program.
    If you’re using photoshop, try changing the brush settings to “pen pressure”.

    So, all-in-all,
    just reinstall the driver; the latest one out there.
    And plug it in prior to turning on your computer.

    Hope this helps!

  4. brian says:

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