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How do I change my Wacom Bamboo pen’s pressure sensitivity?

I just got the Wacom Bamboo pen & touch tablet for xmas. When i use my pen with photoshop, the pen’s pressure sensitivity works in which the harder i press the more space the pen covers. when I use it with Gimp, the pressure sensitivity works different. The harder i press the higher the opacity is (the darker). is there any way i can make the Gimp pressure sensitivity work on photoshop????
What i want is to have the opacity change (light to dark) on photoshop. i already have that happening on gimp. i want it to happen on PS. the tool im using in PS is the brush tool. might be the wrong one to use, you tell me.

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  1. Kyle Hallmark says:

    Which tool are you using in Gimp? The paintbrush tool’s opacity changes as you apply different amounts of pressure, so that’s probably the one you’re using. The ink tool is the one that changes brush size.

  2. calvin says:

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