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Reviews about Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet or Manga Studio Debut 4?

Okay, so this one day I was reading my manga, and I was wondering what programs or tools they used to get their artwork to look so professional, so, I did what any normal person would do in a dilemma like that… I googled it =D. I came across something called Manga Studio EX 4.0, and I started watching videos about it because I was really interested. Then I saw Manga Studio Debut 4. It doesn’t have as many features, but it still looked good (and a whole lot cheaper), and it would probably be better for someone who has never used any computer art programs like that before (right?). And I saw a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet, which looked really nifty also.

So, is there anyone who has a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet or Manga Studio Debut 4? If you do have it, what is your review? Is there anything you dislike about it, or something you would suggest? I was thinking that it might get confusing if you don’t know where you’re drawing, like you would draw an eye where the mouth is supposed to go or something by accident. So… Reviews? =)

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4 Responses to “Reviews about Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet or Manga Studio Debut 4?”

  1. Morgan Edmonson says:

    I’m not super experienced in the tablet world but the wacom bamboo tablet is amazing. it makes photoshop much easier and the controls are phenomenal. They are also very well priced on amazon :D

  2. Isa says:

    I have both the tablet and manga studio (EX 4,0, but only the demo version).

    The tablet is amazing in every possible way and incredibly easy to get used to. I mastered it in less than a day. I suggest buying it from Amazon because the prices are much better. Also, you do not get stuff like “an eye where the mouth is”. You might have slight mistakes, but this happens ’cause you’re not used to it. Soon you’ll be drawing quick and easy. Try not to look at your tablet when drawing, simply look at your screen and see the mouse move. I almost never look at my tablet when drawing. And always make sure the tablet is perfectly aligned with the rest of the pc or your lines will not come out right.

    On to Manga Studio. What makes Manga Studio a good program is its ability to create smooth lines, something that Photoshop (comes with tablet, but only Elements, which is a simpler yet useful version) lacks. It is incredibly useful for creating lineart and of course mangas. You’re able to divide the page into those little squares like the mangas (don’t know the name, sorry). But as everything else it has its cons. Firstly, the color choices are incredibly poor compared to other art programs, and there’s really not much of blending capabilities. I haven’t really used it as much, but there are better programs out there.

    If you have a Windows, you have access to a program called Paint Tool SAI. This program is simply amazing and incredibly cheap (around $ 50 I think). It also has the ability to create smooth lines like Manga Studio, and it has a rich diversity in colors and the blending options are just mind-blowing. It also has a neat little thing which allows you to rotate the canvas (I’ve heard that Photoshop CS5 also has this, but I haven’t used it, so I don’t know for sure). This is incredibly useful for drawing lines at weird angles since you cannot rotate your tablet as you would with a piece of paper. Also the layout is very simple, so it’s pretty straight forward and easy to understand. Good for beginners.
    Other good programs include OpenCanvas (Windows exclusive), Corel Painter and of course Photoshop.

    Also, in case you want to try it out, there’s a free program called Gimp. It’s very much like Photoshop and very useful for new artists. The layout is a little complicated, but easy to get used to. A good option if you don’t wish to actually buy a program.

    Sorry for uber long answer XD

  3. Munyuk_Goreng says:

    Manga Studio Debut 4 is amazing. It is like Photoshop, but with all redundant and unused features removed. It is dedicated application, so you can make outline, you can create the panels, bubbles, adding tones easily. Layer and tool arrangements are so alike with Photoshop-type apps, so you will get used with it in no time.

    Perhaps you would like to consider Ex 4, it has more screen tones etc, and also this 3D dummy model if you need reference in posing or changing angle. If you’re planning to use this Ex version, due to its cool features, perhaps you will master it after Manga Studio Ex 5 released ^^. THat’s the only thing you should consider.

    Wacom Bamboo Pen is an excellent pair with Manga Studio. Of course it’s different with drawing traditionally, it takes some time to do the hand-to-eye coordination. Bamboo pen fully supports Manga Studio so you can pan zoom etc without switching to the mouse. It is portable, perfect pair with your laptop as well.

    In my personal opinion, the necessary tablet upgrade is a leap from Bamboo to Cintiq directly. Wacom that will improve your work drastically should be the one with LCD screen on it. Having higher resoultion like Intuos is good, but the difficulty remains with hand-to-eye coordination still remains. Grab wacom bamboo, you will not regret it!

  4. clarence says:

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