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Wacom Bamboo Capture vs Bamboo Create vs Intuos?

I’ve been wanting to buy a Wacom tablet for a while now, but I don’t have the money.

The three models above are the ones that catch my interest, but I’d like some clarification by people who own at least one of them.

- How small is “small”? Supposedly the active area for the Capture is 5.8 x 3.6 inches, which I think is a bit too small for me. Can you create large works of art using a tablet of this size?

- Are the extra features of the Create worth the additional $ 100? I would only really care about the larger active area and maybe the Pen Eraser…

- If you own an Intuos, how does it compare to the Bamboo series? Would the extra accuracy and precision be worth it for a non-professional artist?

I would consider myself a casual artist since I used to draw a lot but don’t have as much time nowadays for school, which is why I’m leaning towards a Bamboo rather than an Intuos. I plan to use a tablet for digital painting, graphic design, animation, and drawing anime, mostly. Right now I use a mouse which is exceedingly frustrating, since it takes forever to draw things and sometimes the mouse buttons don’t even click correctly.

So what are your thoughts on this? I would like some personal opinions from owners of these tablets.


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  1. Anjula says:

    Please if you have no money You may buy cheap and better wacom tablet.It is a time of great competion .So that you can buy your Bambo tablet from other reputed production.

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