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Why isn’t my bamboo tablet pen not working?

I’ve had my bamboo tablet for about 5 months now. For the past two months it’s been acting funny. The light turns red whenever the pen goes near it. I was still able to draw on it, but today I can’t at all. My SAI is fine, the light still is white when I use my finger and I can still use my tablet with my finger. I even replaced the tip and it still doesn’t work. It’s stressing me out.

Should I buy a new one? I need to have a huge project done in 23 days, so I would love an answer as soon as possible-please!

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5 Responses to “Why isn’t my bamboo tablet pen not working?”

  1. Jeanne B says:

    I don’t know what the problem is, but I have seen this question here many, many times. I recommed you do a search on Yahoo! Answers for it and read some of the better answers for help. Also, if you don’t find help there, go to the manufacturer’s website. They often have helpful hints and online questions available to help you.

  2. Michelle says:

    Not too sure, did you download the driver for it?

  3. emms says:

    Whenever you use the pen, the light turns red. When you use touch, the light glows a brighter white.
    This is supposed to happen.
    Try using it on a different program and see if the pen works or not.
    Sometimes Sai has a bug where it doesn’t work with the pen.

  4. mcp4glenn says:

    I just found another answer from someone with the same problem. The bamboo pen has small parts inside that sometimes jam into one position or another. The way to deal with this is to knock the eraser-end on the palm of your other hand a few times, then reverse the pen in your hand and knock the drawing tip in your palm. What you are doing is dislodging the tiny pieces inside, allowing them to work as they should. This sounds really crazy but actually works !!!

  5. jose says:

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